This Black Drum is the biggest catch so far this year 2019.

Daytona Beach Charters

Captain Michael

(386) 299-2882

​​​​​​​Frequently answered:

  1. yes you will see dolphin.
  2. no you will not see alligators.
  3. yes you might see turtles and manatee.
  4. yes we will only fish in salt water, inshore in the intracoastal waterway.
  5. no we will not fish deep sea or off shore.
  6. yes you can keep and eat all you catch.
  7. yes you might catch a sting ray.
  8. yes you might catch a shark.
  9. no I have never been bit by a shark.
  10. yes I have been stung by a sting ray.​
  11. no i dont know anyone who has stepped on a sting ray nor walk the sting ray shuffle.
  12. yes I have been bitten by fish, pecked by birds, stung by jellyfish and stuck by catfish.
  13. yes you will see  pelicans and can feed them your scraps back at the dock.
  14. yes you can smoke and drink on the boat.

  15. no you don't have to wear a life jacket unless your under 4 years old.

  16. yes you will catch fish.

  17. yes parking is free.

  18. no walking barefoot is not safe as the bottom might be sharp oysters instead of sand.

  19. yes you may pee of the back of the boat.

  20. yes you may take pictures.

  21. ​yes a few have fallen off the boat.

  22. no you will not get sea sick where we fish.

  23. yes some local restaurants will cook your catch.

  24. ​no I make the decision on weather and fish regulations.

  25. no you will not get wet if I  manuever the boat correctly.

  26. ​yes you will see the rare far ranging white pelicans.

  27. yes my task is to find the fish not catch them for you.

  28. no I do not drink or smoke.

  29. yes if I talk too much just say "we got it captain" and I will slow down.

  30. no it rarely rains in the morning and my forecast is reliable to the hour.

  31. yes I will pull over to let you look at anything like flora and fauna.